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Jumat, 23 September 2011

Computer Evolution And Performance

ENIAC - background

Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
Eckert and Mauchly
University of Pennsylvania
Trajectory tables for weapons
Started 1943
Finished 1946
Too late for war effort
Used until 1955

ENIAC - details
Decimal (not binary)
20 accumulators of 10 digits
Programmed manually by switches
18,000 vacuum tubes
30 tons
15,000 square feet
140 kW power consumption
5,000 additions per second

von Neumann/Turing
Stored Program concept
Main memory storing programs and data
ALU operating on binary data
Control unit interpreting instructions from memory and executing
Input and output equipment operated by control unit
Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies
Completed 1952

Structure of von Neumann machine

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